NE HS Rodeo Association

Directors Meeting

January 13, 2013



The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held a director’s meeting Sunday, November 4, 2012 in Kearney.   President Jim Wakefield called the meeting to order. Meeting was opened with a prayer by Jim Wakefield.  Board members present: were Ray Brown, Mark Cumpton, Patty Finney, Jess Harwager, Bump Kraeger, Greg Petska, Ken Real, KC Schaack, Cindy Vossler, Jeff White, Tricia Schaffer and Secretary, Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler.  Absent Justin Welsh.  Guests: Barry Littell


Ken Real moved to approve the minutes and seconded by Bump Kraeger.  Motion passed.


Calendar balance is $14,307.24.  48 members earned the January 1 incentive awards.  Only 84 members have met the 10 calendar requirement.


Jim welcomed Tina Kessler as our new point secretary.


Tricia Schaffer informed the board of the proposed rule changes.  Discussion was held on the national office wanting NE and SD to move there state finals up a week.  Tricia, Jim, Brady and Kayellen will be attending the mid-winter meeting in Dallas/Ft. Worth.


Patty Finney visited with Paul Cleveland regarding the No Tolerance Rule.  Discussion was held on enforcing the No Tolerance Rule.  The NE HS Rodeo Board of Directors will enforce the No Tolerance Rule that is currently in the National HS Rodeo Rule Book.  Jeff White moved to have a form to be signed by parents and returned with 2013-2014 memberships, seconded by Ray Brown.  Motion carried.


Discussion was held on the 50/50 drawing.  Will post on website looking for volunteer for 50/50 drawings.


Discussion was held on 2013 winter banquet. 


Discussion was held on the central entry details.  Jeff White moved to have 2013 spring rodeos be entered by paper only and mailed to secretary Tina Kessler, seconded by Ray Brown.   The motion was amended to be electronic or paper entries, no one will be entered until entry fee is received by Tina Kessler, seconded by Chase Rieken.  Motion passed.


Greg Petska moved to send 90% of entry fee money to committees on entry draw day, seconded by Jess Harwager.  Motion carried.


Cindy Vossler moved that Tina Kessler will be the contact person for all turnouts and all releases, seconded by Bump Kraeger.  Motion carried.


Cowboy prom was discussed and Liz O’Conner has agreed to chair the event and have it along with the winter banquet in Kearney. 


Jeff White moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by Ken Real.  Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting February 3.