Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 9, 2014

The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Jess Harwager.

Directors present include: Von Svoboda, Jay Hollenbeck, Chad Johnston, Buddy Darnell, Jason Mathis, Scott Hollenbeck, Jana Jensen

National Director Tricia Schaffer, Secretaries: Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler

Directors absent Bump Kraeger, Sonya Atkins, Susan Calvo, Terry Graff


Chad Johnston moved to approve August 16th, 2014 minutes as presented, seconded by Buddy Darnell, motion carried.

Von Svoboda moved to approve the financial report, seconded by Jay Hollenbeck, motion carried.


Discussion on 2015 banquet

Chad Johnston said he likes having the banquet, Jim Wakefield commented that everyone benefits and it’s the nuts and bolts of the association.

Suggestion on maybe just having a dance for the kids and not prom. Also, suggested to put a reminder in the calendar about banquet and maybe

have a cash drawing at banquet.


Tricia Shaffer presented banquet bids from Quality Inn in No. Platte and the Younes Conference Center in Kearney.

Von Svoboda moved to accept proposal from Younes Conference Center in Kearney for the 2015 & 2016 NE HS Rodeo Winter Banquet,

seconded by Jana Jensen.


Tricia Schaffer informed the board of the upcoming mid-winter meeting in Denver, January 19-24th.

If anyone has any rule changes they would like proposed please contact Tricia.

Chad Johnston moved to approve registration and room expense for student president Riley Wakefield & queen Madison Clark,

seconded by Von Svoboda. Motion carried.


Judy Mignery with the state finals committee, in Hastings, was present. Dates for 2015 is June 17-20th and June 15-18 in 2016.


The board is going to suggest to the rodeo committees to try and not run two girls events at the same time.


Discussion on Rodeo News contract. It was suggested to put standings in and not results.

Rodeo News is a good way to put our members out there for college coaches to see.

Jana Jensen moved to go into executive session at 11:10AM, seconded by Jason Mathis.

Chad Johnston moved to come out of executive session at 11:36AM.

Chad Johnston moved to accept Bump Kraeger’s resignation, seconded by Scott Hollenbeck. Motion carried.


Chad Johnston moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by Jay Hollenbeck.

Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Secretary Meeting Notes

November 8, 2014

The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held an informal meeting with the committee secretaries at the winter banquet in Kearney. Directors present: President Jess Harwager, Jana Jensen, Buddy Darnell, Scott Hollenbeck, Chad Johnston, Jay Hollenbeck, Sonya Atkins, and Jason Mathis. Secretaries: Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler

Committees represented were

            Stapleton – Barb Tool

            Arthur – Sammy Walker

            Broken Bow – Lynette Spanel & Rex Spanel

            North Platte – Kelly Ward

            Burwell – Rhonda Weber

            Mullen – Lori Call

            Gordon – Stacy Darnell

            Thedford – Kendra Johnston & Andy Knott

            Madison – Twila Hurlburt

            Mitchell – Abby Heggem

            Grand Island – Lori Armstrong

            Valentine – Jay Hollenbeck

            Atkinson – Jason Mathis

            Lexington – Wanda Hoefener


National Director Tricia Shaffer welcomed and thanked committees & secretaries for taking the time and attending the meeting today.


Things to do to make our rodeos better

            Timing needs to be in 100s and 1000s. All rodeos need to do this.

            Making sure state & committee sponsors are announced.

            Have official posting area.

            Need to know where and who is carrying equipment

                       Casey Moon will carry the rough stock buzzer for the spring rodeos

                       Tina Kessler will have back numbers


Discussion on conflict of girls’ events, having multiple events at the same time

Discussion on one arena versus two arenas

Goal is to eliminate having two girls’ events going on at same time.


Sonya Atkins reported on Reining Cow Horse Event which is optional event.

            Looking for committees to hold events

            Must have minimum of 3 events and state finals

            Send 4 to Nationals

Discussion on steer wrestling in split arenas


Broken Bow was wanting input on date of rodeo, may only have 1 day rodeo in 2015