NE HS Rodeo Association

Directors Meeting

November 4, 2012



The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held a director’s meeting Sunday, November 4, 2012 in Kearney.   President Jim Wakefield called the meeting to order. Meeting was opened with a prayer by Jim Wakefield.  Board members present: were Patty Finney, Jess Harwager, Bump Kraeger, Greg Petska, Ken Real, KC Schaack, Cindy Vossler, Justin Welsh, Jeff White, Tricia Schaffer and Secretary, Becky Dailey and Tara McKay.  Absent Ray Brown and Mark Cumpton.  Guests: Paul Cleveland and Barry Littell


Cindy Vossler moved to approve the minutes and seconded by Patty Finney.  Motion passed.


Tricia Schaffer reported on the Endowment Fund that has a balance of $19,330.19.  Cindy Vossler moved to deposit dividend check from the Endowment Fund into the award account, seconded by Bump Kraeger.  Motion passed.


Discussion was held on Rodeo News magazine.  Paul Cleveland commented on the Rodeo News stating the magazine has national exposure and rodeo coaches use this as a recruiting tool.  Bump Kraeger moved to change from The Fence Post to Rodeo News Magazine in July 2013 with President having the ability to negotiate spring subscription, seconded by Jess Harwager.  Motion passed. 


Omaha River City Roundup Show had excellent speakers.  The association would offer our support with the seminar and hope to see a continued relationship.


Discussion was held on 50/50 drawings.  Jeff White moved to disband the 50/50 raffle, seconded by Tricia Schaffer.  Motion failed.  Discussion was held to maybe have freshman class responsible for selling 50/50 tickets. 


Tricia Schaffer informed the board that the Mid Winter meeting will be in Dallas January 21-26.  Rule changes need to be submitted to the national office by December 22.

Paul Cleveland suggested rule changes (1) having 30 second rule (2) 10’ rule in barrier needs to be deleted.  He will get these written up and to Tricia for presentation.  Jeff White moved to pay transportation, registration fees and motel for 3 student members, seconded by Bump Kraeger.  Motion passed.


2012 banquet was overall a success.  Everyone liked the conference center and was very pleased with the end results.  They served 332 meals.

Discussion was held on ticket sales for the banquet.  It was suggested having each member sell two tickets.  Having a booth at Husker Harvest Days, State Fair and River City Roundup to market our tickets for the banquet.

Bump Kraeger moved to sign a two year contract with Younes Conference Center for our 2013 and 2014 winter banquet, seconded by Patty Finney.  Date for 203 banquet will be November 2 and in 2014 November 1.  Motion carried.


New Business

Tricia Schaffer reported that Hastings has hired rodeo judges and the schedule will be the same as 2012 finals.  Barry Littell suggested having a New West Sports do a sports seminar.


Discussion was held on parents going to student directors with complaints.   Enforcing

NO TOLERANCE RULE.  These will be addressed at the student meeting in McCook. 


Jim Wakefield moved to go into executive session, seconded by Jeff White.


Bump Kraeger moved to offer Tina Kessler point secretary and central entry positions.  The board accepted Tina’s proposal of $1/entry and 10% back to association for the central entry position and $5,000 annually for point secretary position, seconded by Justin Welsh.  Motion carried.


Jeff White moved to give Becky Dailey $6,000 annually, seconded by Bump Kraeger.  Motion passed.


Bump Kraeger moved to leave rodeo entry fee at $15.00, seconded by Greg Petska.  Motion carried. 


The allocation of the $3.00 from the entry fee that comes back to the association will be $.50 to general account, $.50 student account, $1.00 to award account and $1.00 central entry.


Next meeting will be in January in Kearney.


Justin Welsh moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by Ken Real.  Motion passed.