President Jason Mathis called the meeting to order.

Directors present:  Jason Mathis, Eric Ravenscroft, Jim Buss, Heather Day, Michelle Witt, Brett McAbee, Jared Storer, Mark Wray, Jay Hollenbeck, Chad Johnston, Buddy Darnell, National Director Tricia Schaffer and Secretary Brandi Pokorny.  Directors absent:  Stacey Adamson.  Others present:  Many members and parents.


Brandi read the minutes from the July meeting.  Jim made a motion to accept the July minutes.  2nd by Eric.  Motion carried.


Mark made a motion to accept the Financial report.  2nd by Jim.  Motion carried.


Points option was discussed.  Jason read through the ballot results.  Option #1 received 38 votes, Option #2 received 76 votes and Option #3 received 26 votes.  It was clear that the students voted for Option #2, which would allow the kids to count their 15 best rodeos and slightly reduce the percentage of points awarded at the state finals and makes the average worth more than what it does now.

                  Bring in top 15 rodeos to State Finals(150 points max)

                  1st go @ State Finals:                           15 points

                  2nd go @ State Finals:                          15 points

                  Short go @ State Finals:                       15 points

                  Average @ State Finals:                       30 points

                  Bonus:                                                 85 points

Jason asked if we want to get this into effect this year?  Most everyone expressed that this was the way to go, but was still some concern by a few parents.  Jim made a motion to accept the ballot results and put Option #2 into effect for this season(2017-2018).  2nd by Mitchell.  Motion carried.


Banquet was discussed.  The board voted to have the meal options as last year.  There will be Cowboy Prom again this year.  General Membership meeting will be Sunday, November 5 @ 9:00 AM.  Board of Directors meeting will follow the general membership meeting. 


Chad made a motion to adjourn.  2nd by Eric.  Motion carried.