JUNE 15, 2017


Directors present:  President Jason Mathis, Eric Ravenscroft, Buddy Darnell, Jim Buss, Chad Johnston, Stacey Adamson, Terry Graff, Jay Hollenbeck, Scott Hollenbeck, Jared Storer, Mark Wray and Brett McAbee on the phone, Association Secretary Brandi Pokorny, National Director Tricia Schaffer. 

Brandi read the minutes from the General Membership meeting held in Kearney on November 6, 2016.  Jared made a motion to accept the minutes.  Second by Chad.  Motion carried.

Stacey made a motion to accept the financial report.  Second by Jim.  Motion carried.


Tricia visited about the National programs that are available for students.  There are some great things out there for the students!


Election of Directors-Need to vote for 4(3 year terms)

                  Nominations from the floor:  Heather Day, Cooper McBride, Michelle Witt, Chad Johnston,

                                                                                 Jay Hollenbeck, Mark Jensen, Shawn Huffman and Scott Saults

Jared moved to cease nominations.  Second by Jay.  Motion carried.

New Directors are:  Jay Hollenbeck, Chad Johnston, Michelle Witt, and Heather Day


Cutting and Reined Cow Horse events were discussed.  Cutting is a mandatory event and RCH is optional.  The difference being, cutting points can be used towards all-around and RCH does not count towards all-around.


Bids for the 2019-2020 State Finals will be taken at out Winter meeting in November.


Jim Buss made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Terry.  Motion carried.