NE HS Rodeo Association

Directors Meeting

February 3, 2013



The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held a director’s meeting Sunday, February 3, 2012.   President Jim Wakefield called the meeting to order. Meeting was opened with a prayer by Kayellyn Hall.  Board members present: were Mark Cumpton, Jess Harwager, Ken Real, KC Schaack, Justin Welsh, Tricia Schaffer and Secretary, Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler.  Directors absent Ray Brown, Patty Finney, Bump Kraeger, Greg Petska, Cindy Vossler, Jeff White.  The following student directors attended President Brady Wakefield, Kayellen Hall, Riley Wakefield, and Tom Littell. Guests: Barry Littell and Lori Armstrong.


Ken Real moved to approve the minutes and seconded by Justin Welsh.  Motion passed.


Student President Brady Wakefield and Kayellyn Hall reported on the mid-winter meeting.  They reported that there was a lot of good information shared and some very good information on animal welfare.  Tricia Schaffer gave an update on the rule changes. 


Discussion was held on the No Tolerance Rule and the board will follow the rule in the national rule book.


Discussion was held on the 50/50 drawing. 


Lori Armstrong proposed to the board of having a rodeo in Grand Island during the state fair.  The board was very supportive of adding a fall rodeo in Grand Island. 


Ken Real suggested improving on arena etiquette such as giving the same number of lineman for calf roping and steer wrestling.  We need to give everyone the same opportunity.


Discussion was held on animal welfare and how much it is an issue.  Ken Real volunteered to have at each rodeo a sled available in case if an animal goes down. 


Discussions was held on having a rodeo during River City Round up and invite 6 states and have each state send their state champion in each event. 


Cowboy prom will be held in Thedford.  Liz O’Conner has volunteered to organize the cowboy prom. 


Tina Kessler met with the rodeo secretary’s and informed them on how the central entry system will be set up. 


Meeting adjourned.