Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 12, 2017

Directors present:  President Jason Mathis, Vice President Eric Ravenscroft, Jared Storer, Jim Buss, Brett McAbee, Buddy Darnell, Scott Hollenbeck, Chad Johnston.  Points Secretary Tina Kessler, Association Secretary Brandi Pokorny and National Director Tricia Schaffer.  Directors absent:  Jay Hollenbeck, Mark Wray, Stacey Adamson, Terry Graff

Minutes from November meeting were read by Brandi Pokorny.  Buddy Darnell made a motion to approve minutes from previous meeting.  Eric second.  Motion carried.

Tricia Schaffer and JoSee Saults gave a report about the Mid-Winter meeting in Phoenix.  JoSee thanked everyone for allowing her to go!  Tricia reported that Lincoln was approved to host the National Finals in 2020 and 2021.  No major rule changes to report.

Tricia reported on State Finals.  The Hastings committee is still trying to secure the judges.  It was discussed that the cutting judges need to be someone that hasn’t judged the kids all year.  Boots and Phillips will have the stock.  They are looking at having the same schedule as last year.

Awards were discussed for State Finals.  The student directors that were present thought the awards should be left as they have been in the past.  It was also discussed about whether or not to pay for the National Qualifier jackets in shooting.  Brandi will call Hornady in Grand Island about possibly sponsoring these jackets. 

Student directors split off and decided on awards for State Finals.

Jared Storer made a motion to approve Brandi’s accounts.  Chad Johnston second.  Motion carried.

Jason reported that a $200.00 donation was received in memory of Carl Frauen.  The donor would like to remain anonymous.  They would like the funds awarded to this year’s year-end Champion Steer Wrestler. 

Tricia presented the bill for Mid-Winter meeting.  $542.07 out of the General Fund for her travel expense and $868.15 out of the Student Fund for JoSee’s travel expense.

Chad Johnston made a motion to accept the bill, Jim Buss second.  Motion carried.

Tricia reported that the association is doing well financially.  Last year’s seniors received an additional $100 in scholarship money from the Student Fund.  It was discussed about possibly putting money in CD’s.  The thought was to put some money in CD’s at Pinnacle Bank and some in CD’s at Sandhill’s State Bank.  Chad Johnston made a motion to put money in CD’s at Pinnacle Bank and some in CD’s at Sandhill’s State Bank and to pay for National Qualifier shooting jackets.  Buddy Darnell second.  Motion carried.

The directors decided on the spring banner schedule.  Tina will post the list on the web page.

Tina went over spring rodeo approvals.  Jason signed all spring rodeo approvals.  Mitchell’s rodeo will be at Harrison again this year.

Bobbi Walters with Good Life Western Sports would like to broadcast some of the High School Rodeos, they would be over the internet and on cable with News Channel Nebraska.  There would not be any cost to the association.  Bobbi will need to contact the National Office about getting approval.

Again, this year, the National Office is wanting a form filled out after every rodeo that says what sponsor banners where hanging.  It involves pictures of the arena and filling out a form and then returned to the National Office.

Tricia wanted everyone to know that our association is providing Volunteer accident insurance for all of the approved Nebraska high school and junior high rodeos.  The form is on the website.

Next meeting will be May 20, 2017 after the rodeo in Thedford.

Jim Buss made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Buddy second.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:26 P.M.