Directors Meeting May 28, 2010 Stapleton, NE Meeting was called to order with all directors present. Minutes of the April 24 meeting were read and approved. The treasurers report was read and approved. Tricia Schaffer gave the calendar report. A motion to pay Lori Schafers expenses was made and passed. Calendar bids were presented: Print Express for $8300; and JKM Designs of Taylor for $4500 + $25/setup/page. JKM Designs was given the bid to do the 2011 calendar. Discussion on the State Finals program book. Prices for the book were discussed, and the motion was tabled for a later date. Adult director elections were discussed. Sierks, Coffman, Cover & Blevins will be up for reelection. Werdel and Pruitt will will be resigning with a year left on their term. Directors voted unanimously on the State Finals Stock rule change. Discussion was held on combining the Junior High & High School by laws. This was not acted on. Nancy Edelman presented the board with a letter of resignation, effective December 1st. The board regretfully accepted the resignation. ETV will not be filming the finals, due to financial cutbacks. Meeting adjourned.