General Membership Meeting June 24, 2010 Hastings, NE Meeting was called to order with all Adult Directors present. Minutes were read and approved. Treasurers report was presented. Tim Cover reported that there is $36,500 in Sponsorship money. There will be $16500. available in scholarships for the 2010 seniors. The FencePost subscriptions will be going up to $9 from $6. There will be $41,000. from the calendar available to the 2010 national qualifiers. Dan Dailey and Cindy Coffman were elected to serve for a 1 year term, being vacated by LuAnn Werdel and Troy Pruitt. Jim Wakefield, Mark Cumpton, KC Schaack, and Jeff White were elected for 3 year terms being vacated by Kelli Blevins, Cindy Coffman, Tim Cover and Tim Sierks. Discussion on whether or not to make cutting mandatory at all qualifying rodeos, making a fair attempt in the rough stock when injured needs to be clarified in the rule book, how many rodeos to bring into state finals, splitting the state into regions, removing the split fence during the steer wrestling. Meeting adjourned.