Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Directors Meeting

June 20, 2014  -  Hastings

The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held a directors meeting Thursday, June 20, 2014 in Hastings.

Vice-President Patty Finney called the meeting to order. Board members present: Von Svoboda, Justin Welsh,

Jess Harwager, Patty Finney, Jana Jensen, Ken Real, Greg Petska, Jay Hollenbeck, Sonja Atkins and Jim

Wakefield. Absent: Cody Haun and Bump Kraeger. Tricia Schaffer, Tina Kessler and Becky Dailey.

New directors - Buddy Darnell, Jason Mathias, Scott Hollenbeck, Susan Calvo and Terry Graff.

Discussion on raising entry fees. Tricia Schaffer moved to leave entry fees at $15, seconded by Sonya Atkins.

Motion carried.

Discussion on new event Reined Cow Horse. Suggested to have exhibition of reined cow horse at Broken Bow


Discussion on to have class pictures taken at spring rodeo for calendar.

Tricia Schaffer suggested having one arena at the rodeos to help with contestants getting bunched up. Paul

Cleveland commented on having split arenas at the rodeos.

Discussion was held on goat tying and running and tying stock before rodeos. Paul Cleveland said stock should

be ran and tied and completed minimum 2 hours before rodeo starts.

Paul Cleveland informed the board about the judge's clinic and what is expected if there is a problem in the

arena. Chain of command.

Nominations for president are Jess Harwager. Jana Jensen moved nominations ceased, seconded by Buddy

Darnell. Motion passed. President for 2014-2015 is Jess Harwager.

Terry Graff nominated Von Svoboda for vice president. Von respectfully declined. Jess Harwager nominated

Jay Hollenbeck. Jay respectfully declined. Jay Hollenbeck nominated Jana Jensen, Von Svoboda moved

nominations cease, seconded by Jay Hollenbeck. Motion carried. V-President is Jana Jensen.

Event director assignment is

Poles - Susan Calvo                                               Saddle Bronc - Bump Kraeger

Breakaway - Scott Hollenbeck                               Bareback - Jess Harwager

Girls & Boys Cutting - Sonya Atkins                        Bulls - Von Svoboda

Reined Cow Horse - Sonya Atkins                          Tie Down - Jay Hollenbeck

Barrels - Jana Jensen                                             Steer Wrestling - Terry Graff

Goat Tying - Chad Johnston & Jason Mathis            Team Roping - Buddy Darnell

Queen - Tricia Schaffer

Jay Hollenbeck moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Von Svoboda.

Meeting adjourned.