Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

General Membership Meeting

June 19, 2014


The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held the general membership meeting on June 19,2014 in Hastings at state finals.   

Meeting was called to order by president, Jim Wakefield. 

Directors present include:  Jess Harwager, Von Svoboda, Jay Hollenbeck, Cody Haun, Justin Welsh, Patty Finney, Ken Real, Greg Petska, Sonya Atkins and Jana Jensen. 

Absent Bump Kraeger.

National Director Tricia Schaffer.   Secretary’s Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler.


Jim Wriedt moved to approve November 2, 2013 minutes as presented, seconded by Staci Cumpton, Motion carried.

Terry Strong moved to approve the financial report, seconded by Cash Talamantez.  Motion carried.

There were 39 seniors that applied and interviewed for $20,000 in scholarships.

Sonya Atkins informed the membership on the Reined Cow Horse event which is optional for each rodeo.  NE HS Rodeo Assoc. is required to have 3 qualifying events and state finals.  Sonya would like to have a couple clinics and informational meetings this coming fall. 

Discussions on raising entry fees and maybe implement a stock charge.  Vern Oatman would like to see rough stock promoted more.  We now have the Whitaker Award promoting the rough stock events.  Chad Johnston moved to increase entry fees $2.00/event, seconded by Bernie Strong.  25 votes for – 10 against.

(The adult board did not approve this recommendation at their meeting following the general meeting.)

Nominations for directors.  Need to fill 4-3year terms, 1-2year term and 2-1 year term. 

Buddy Darnell, Chad Johnston, Terry Graff, Jason Mathis, Jay Hollenbeck, Scott Hollenbeck, Susan Calvo and John Tucker were nominated.  Jason Reed moved nominations ceased, seconded by Leesa Kraeger.  Nominations ceased.

New directors are Jay Hollenbeck, Buddy Darnell, Chad Johnston, Jason Mathis, Terry Graff, Scott Hollenbeck and Susan Calvo.

Comments from the floor

              Sheila Strand thanks the board for paying attention to order events, she has seen results

              Discussion on calendar

              Judy Barnes, scholarship interviewer informed everyone we should be very proud of our kids.  The seniors she interviewed were an outstanding group of young adults.

JC Jensen thanked the outgoing directors for all of their hard work and everything they have done.


Tom Phillips moved meeting adjourned, seconded by Vern Oatman.

Meeting adjourned.