JUNE 16, 2017


Directors present:  President Jason Mathis, Mark Wray, Jim Buss, Chad Johnston, Jared Storer, Jay Hollenbeck, Eric Ravenscroft, Stacey Adamson, Buddy Darnell, Michelle Witt, Heather Day, Secretary Brandi Pokorny, National Director Tricia Schaffer.  Also present:  Kelly Ward and Becky Dailey.  Director absent:  Brett McAbee


Jay made a motion to have Jason Mathis as President.  Second by Michelle.  Motion carried.

Michelle made a motion to have Eric Ravenscroft as Vice President.  Second by Heather.  Motion carried.


Director Events:

Mark Wray:          Team Roping                                            Eric Ravenscroft:                Steer Wrestling

Jim Buss:                Team Roping                                            Jay Hollenbeck:                     Calf Roping

Jared Storer:        RCH & Cutting                                          Stacey Adamson:               Barrel Racing

Michelle Witt:      Poles                                                             Brett McAbee:                      Bull Riding

Heather Day:       Goats                                                            Chad Johnston:                     Breakaway

Buddy Darnell:    Saddle Broncs & Barebacks


It was discussed to have the kids help proof the calendar.  Everyone thought that would be a great idea.


Rodeo News contract needs to be signed and sent back to them if we want to continue using them.  Stacey Adamson made a motion to continue Rodeo News.  Second by Mark.  Motion carried.


After much discussion about Cutting and RCH events, Stacey made a motion to keep cutting as a mandatory event and RCH as an optional event.  Second by Buddy.  Motion carried.


Tricia reported that all approvals are in, but that they will need to be signed.  It was discussed on how we could make the cuttings work for Saturdays nights so students arenít missing so much school.  State Fair scholarships were also discussed.  Tricia did receive the money to pay winners from the 2016 rodeo.  She will contact the colleges directly to see if she can pay the college and then they pay the student.  There was much discussion on the State Fair Rodeo.  The board would like to see the kids be able to use the scholarship money for online classes while still in high school.

It was brought up that there is not always an ambulance at the cuttings.  The rule book states that an ambulance needs to be readily available.  The board will suggest to the committees that cuttings need to be the weekend of the rodeos so an ambulance can be there.  If off-site, then an ambulance still needs to be there.  Jim made a motion to strongly suggest to the committees that they need to have an ambulance at the cuttings and RCH events.  Second by Mark.  Motion carried.


Jim made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Chad.  Motion carried.