Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

 General Membership Meeting

Thursday, June 16, 2016


The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Board of Directors was called to order by President, Jason Mathis.

 Directors present include:  Stacey Adamson, Jana Jensen, Mark Wray, Scott Hollenbeck, Von Svoboda, 

Jay Hollenbeck, Eric Ravenscroft, Terry Graff, Buddy Darnell and Sonya Atkins.  

National Director Tricia Schaffer.   Secretary’s Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler.

Directors absent:  Chad Johnston


Von Svoboda made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 8, 2015 meeting as submitted.  Mark Wray seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Financial Report:                General Fund - $52,613.50

                                                      Award Fund - $8,100.54

                                                      Student Fund - $18,936.95

Jana Jensen moved to approve financial report as submitted, seconded by Terry Graff.  Motion carried.


New Business

                  Discussion was held on fundraiser for the members.  Tricia Schafer explained the raffle program that national high school rodeo association offers.   The general membership was in favor to keep the calendar fundraiser as we have it.


                  Discussion was held on if the association should still offer Rodeo News.  Membership was in favor of keeping

Rodeo News subscription.


Election of Directors – Need to vote on 4 – 3 year term

                  Nominations from the floor

Brett McAbee,                      Barry Konicek                        Craig DeGroff

 Lana Bushhousen             Mark Jensen                          Jim Buss

 Jared Storer                          Terry Graff

Kelly ____moved nominations ceased.


New Directors are             Brett McAbee     Jared Storer

                                                      Jim Buss                 Terry Graff

Alternate is Barry Konicek


Comments from the floor:

                  Members not in full western attire should maybe be fined

                  Have a meeting for new members and freshman

                  Association should be very proud of how patriotic our members are

                  Draw positions


Von Svoboda moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by Jay Hollenbeck.

Meeting adjourned.