Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 15, 2015

The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Board of Directors meeting was called to order by president Jess Harwager.   Directors present include:  Von Svoboda, Buddy Darnell, Jason Mathis, Scott Hollenbeck, Jana Jensen, and Chad Johnston via phone.

National Director Tricia Schaffer.   Secretaries  Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler.

Student Directors Riley Wakefield, Devin Dibbern, Madison Clark, Tate Mathis, Shawnie Stone-Swedberg, and Kandace Ward

Directors absent Sonya Atkins, Susan Calvo, Terry Graff and Jay Hollenbeck


Von Svoboda moved to approve November 9, 2014 minutes as presented, seconded by Jason Mathis.  Motion carried.

Von Svoboda moved to approve the financial report, seconded by Tricia Schaffer.  Motion carried.

 Tricia Schaffer asked the board what they would like to do with Clay Realís scholarship he earned as a senior.  Von Svoboda made a motion to give Clayís scholarship to the Clay Real Memorial fund, seconded by Jana Jensen. 


Tina informed the board that Mid-States are giving free memberships to all high school members that would like a membership with the Mid-States.


Discussion was held on the Grand Island rodeo held during state fair.  They would like someone that is involved with rodeo to help them organize the rodeo.


Discussion was held on the point system for Reined Cow Horse (RCH).  Jana Jensen moved to keep RCH point in align with the current events.  Max points to bring into state finals are 30 pts,

 1st go 20 pts., short go 15 pts., and bonus 5 pts. , seconded by Von Svoboda.  Motion carried.


Discussion on funding the RCH events.  Tricia made motion if we donít get sponsors to cover RCH expenses, then we will fund RCH events out of the general fund, seconded by Von Svoboda.  Motion carried.


Discussion was held on state finals awards for RCH event.  NHSRA will provide a buckle for the year end champion.  Jana Jensen moved to award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year end awards, national jacket, shirt, travel money but no saddle, seconded by Von Svoboda.  Motion carried. 


There will we rough stock USA rodeo camp held October 15-18th in Fargo, ND.  There will be no cost to students as it is all funded.  They would like each state to nominate a BB, SB and BR for the clinic.


Tricia Schaffer reported that the contracts for state finals have been filled and informed the board that Sandy is retiring April 1.  The board will greatly miss Sandy at state finals.  It was also discussed what is expected of directors at state finals.  Will have a production meeting Wednesday afternoon with the host committee, directors, judges and stock contractor.


Chad Johnston has two laptops to donate to the association for the committee secretaries. 


Tricia Schaffer reported on the mid-winter meeting.  There is a new rule for the 2016 season.  Bull riders will be required to wear a certified helmet.  Nationals in 2015 will be in Rock Springs, WY and for 2016 & 2017 nationals will be in Gillette, WY and 2018 is unknown.


Spring Banner Schedule was assigned to the directors.


Will vote on student directors at Stapleton and Thedford.  Mandatory check in at Thedford.

Buddy Darnell moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by Jason Mathis.

Meeting adjourned.



**On March 26, 2015 we held a conference call meeting with all directors present except Sonja Atkins. 

Von Svoboda moved to accept sponsorship from Mid-Plains Community College in the amount of $5,000,  with the following stipulation that MPCC would be the exclusive platinum college sponsor of the NE HS Rodeo Assoc. , with the first right of refusal  agreement, seconded by Jana Jensen.  Motion carried. 

Von Svoboda moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jason Mathis.  Meeting adjourned.