MAY 21, 2017


Directors present:  Jason Mathis, Eric Ravenscroft, Chad Johnston, Jared Storer, Terry Graff, Jim Buss, Brett McAbee, Jay Hollenbeck, Buddy Darnell, Stacey Adamson.  Points secretary Tina Kessler, Association secretary Brandi Pokorny, and National Director Tricia Schaffer.  Student directors present:  Colton Storer, Cameron Jensen, Talon Petska, Brook Jamison, Georgie Lage, Morgan Darnell, Josee Saults, Maddee Doerr, Jaylynn Ravenscroft, Alison Stracke and Shelby Spanel.  Others in attendance were Scott Saults and Ralph Saults.  Directors absent:  Scott Hollenbeck and Mark Wray.


Minutes from February meeting were read by Brandi Pokorny.  Chad made a motion to approve minutes.  Second by Eric.  Motion carried.


Jay made a motion to accept the financial report.  Second by Brett.  Motion carried.


Tricia talked about the scholarship account and the process as to which the scholarships are given.  Stacey thanked Tricia for all her hard work with the scholarships!


Brandi reported that the only sponsorship not in yet is Youngís Western Wear, but that an invoice had been sent to them.


Directors terms were discussed.  It was decided that the board would appoint the fill in candidate, but that a policy needs to be established.  Chad made a motion for the board to appoint fill in candidates and to establish a policy for the future.  Second by Jim.  Motion carried.


Brandi informed the board that a letter had been sent from the National Office stating that Tricia Schafferís National Director term was up and we need to send in our nomination.  Stacey nominated Tricia Schaffer.  Eric made a motion to cease nominations.  Second by Jared.  Motion carried.


Dues and Calendar sales were discussed for the upcoming year.  It was suggested that everything is left as is.  No changes will be made for the upcoming year.


Tricia asked the students if they want a motivational speaker at State Finals this year.  They said they enjoy having one!  Stacey suggested Dean Gorsuch.  She will contact him and ask if he would be willing!


There was much discussion on stock for State Finals.  It was discussed that goats need to be prepared ahead of time by the contractor.  Jay made a motion that stock contractor will provide 2/3 of stock with no extras.  Second by Stacey.  Motion carried.

Sponsor recognition will be Saturday during the short-go of State Finals.  Brandi will get the plaques ordered.


It was decided that a production meeting will be held on Wednesday of State Finals after the student meeting at 5:30 pm.


Tina asked if we could pay runners at State Finals.  They get timer and judges sheets to the secretaries after each event.  It helps the secretaries out a bunch!  It was discussed that we give them passes for each rodeo performance and $20.00/performance that they run for us.  Jim made a motion that we pay $20/performance and give them passes for each performance.  Second by Terry.  Motion carried.


Thedford committee has asked that we not re-open entries for their rodeo.  They donít want to remake all the programs.  After much discussion, it was decided to not re-open entries.  Chad made a motion to not re-open entries.  Second by Jim.  Motion carried.


Next meeting will be June 15th in Hastings during State Finals.


Chad made a motion to adjourn meeting.  Second by Eric.  Motion carried.