Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Board of Director Meeting

June 19, 2015


President Jess Harwager called the meeting to order.

Directors present were: Von Svoboda, Mark Wray, Scott Hollenbeck, Jason Mathis, Sonja Atkins, Buddy Darnell, Terry Graff, Eric Ravenscroft, Stacey Adamson, Jay Hollenbeck, Jana Jensen.

National Director Tricia Schaffer, Secretary Tina Kessler, Acting Secretary Nancy Edelman were also present.

Chad Johnston absent.

Also present was Shawna Winchell.


Jess called the meeting to order at 2:15.

Nominations for President were Jay Hollenbeck, Terry Graff, Von Svoboda and Jason Mathis. Jay, Terry and Von respectfully declined nomination. Tricia moved that nominations cease. Jason Mathis is the president for the 2015-2016 year. At this point Jess Harwager left the meeting.


Nomination for Vice President was Jana Jensen. Von moved that nominations cease.


Directors for the upcoming year are:


Student                                                                     Event                                             Adult

Gage Kraeger                                                            BB                                           Eric Ravenscroft                 

Cade Svoboda                                                            SB                                           Scott Hollenbeck

Dalton Sweeley                                                          BR                                           Von Svoboda

Jayde Atkins                                                               RCH                                       Sonja Atkins

Makenna Johnson                                                       GC                                          Sonja Atkins

Mark Kasperbauer                                                      BC                                          Sonja Atkins

Ryan Koenig                                                               TD                                         Jay Hollenbeck

Rachael Calvo                                                            BAR                                       Jana Jensen

Danielle Wray, Talon Mathis                                       TR                                           Buddy Darnell

Megan Turek                                                             GT                                           Jason Mathis

Boyd Sawyer                                                             SW                                           Terry Graff

Shania Macomber                                                     BKW                                         Mark Wray

Clancy Hesseltine                                                      PB                                           Stacey Adamson


Old Business:

Shawna addressed the directors again on the goat tying rule change proposals. She would like to see the NHSRA adapt the NIRA rule book rules.

After much discussion, Sonja moved to recommend to the committees to have someone competent holding the goats, by the collar, in the Goat Tying event. This will be added to the guidelines for the committees and be brought up at the judges seminars. Seconded by Buddy Darnell. Motion carried.


New Business:

Discussion was held on increasing the entry fees at the practice rodeos. Proposals were to increase it $1 which would go to the NHSRA General Fund, or increase of $2 to be split between the NHSRA General Fund and the host Committee. Von made a motion to increase the entry fees $2. Second by Mark. Motion carried. This will go into effect at Bassett.


Reined Cow Horse and Cutting were discussed. The board had to decide whether to make them a mandatory or optional event in our state. Buddy made a motion to make the cutting mandatory and the Reined Cow Horse optional. Second by Jana. Motion carried.


Discussion was held on State Finals Stock. It was decided to meet with the Hastings committee at a later date.


There was a consensus that the Directors handbook and the Nebraska rules need attention.


Jay Hollenbeck will take the banners to Bassett. A banner list will be compiled at a later time.


The next meeting will be at Lexington, since some of the directors will not be at Bassett.


Meeting adjourned.