Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Board of Directors Meeting

June 18, 2015


The Nebraska High School Rodeo Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Jess Harwager. Directors present were Jess Harwager, Jay Hollenbeck, Buddy Darnell, Jason Mathis, Scott Hollenbeck, Jana Jensen, Susan Calvo, Von Svoboda, Terry Graff and Sonja Atkins.

National director, Tricia Schaffer, Secretary, Tina Kessler, and acting secretary, Nancy Edelman.

Also present were Shawna Winchell and Sally Henderson.


Buddy Darnell moved to approve the minutes from the May 30 meeting in Thedford.   Seconded by Jay Hollenbeck. Motion carried.


There was no financial report given at this meeting.


Tricia reported that there will be a memorial tribute given during the Friday night grand entry, for members and family that have been lost during the past couple of years.


Tricia reported that there will be additional State Finals awards given this year. Fifth place year end awards added were Ariat Boot gift certificates. There will also be additional gift certificates given.


Shawna Winchell asked about a follow up from the last meeting, regarding the goat tying. Discussion followed, and it was a consensus of the board that the website would be changed back to the original wording on the goat tying. She was also assured that the new board would take her suggestions under advisement.


The following Scholarships/Awards were decided on, that will be presented during the Senior Scholarship presentation:


Teskeys Top Hand

Jessica Bragg and Shaina Simonson were nominated, with Jessica Bragg chosen as winner.


Ariat Put Your Best Boot Forward



Wyatt Bader was awarded the certificate


Shawnee Stone Swedberg, Kerri DeGroff, Kylee Odenbach, and Sydney Armstrong were nominated, with Kylee winning the vote


Spirit Award

Sarah Gumb and Rhett OConnor were nominated, with Sarah winning


Hugh Sherman Sportsmanship Buckle

Logan Dibbern, Colin Dibbern and Shawnee Stone Swedberg were nominated, with Logan winning.


Meeting was then postponed until after the awards were presented.


The board reconvened at 11:00 pm.

It was decided that the National Qualifiers would be awarded $900. Travel money. Shooters were not included.


Meeting adjourned.

Nancy Edelman, Acting Secretary.