Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Board of Director Meeting

Saturday, August 22, 2015


NHSRA President, Jason Mathis, called the meeting to order.

Directors present were Stacey Adamson, Jay Hollenbeck, Sonya Atkins, Chad Johnston, Von Svoboda, Mark Wray, Scott Hollenbeck, Eric Ravenscroft, and Buddy Darnell.

Directors not present were Vice President, Jana Jensen and Terry Graff.

National Director, Tricia Schaffer and Points Secretary and acting Secretary, Tina Kessler were present.

Also present were Doug Pokorny, Shawna Winchell, Mike Winchell and Libby Winchell.


The minutes from the General Membership meeting on June 18, 2015 in Hastings NE were read. Von Svoboda made the motion to accept the minutes, Mark Wray seconded, motion carried.


No financial report to approve.


Discussion of the NHSRA Winter Banquet commenced. The banquet is scheduled for Saturday November 7, 2015. Packets with couple tickets and student tickets were distributed to the directors to sell. A buffet of brisket, shrimp and salad was agreed upon. Cowboy Prom will also take place in conjunction of the banquet. Student president, Jayde Atkins and student vice-president, Jada Jensen will be in charge the details. Tina will get contact information to Jayde for the DJ/Karoake from last year.


Bids for NHSRA State Finals – Hastings NE contract will be up in 2016. NHSRA will be accepting bids for the 2017 and 2018 NHSRA State Finals.


The directors discussed the stock contractors coming to the state finals. Discussion tabled and we will meet in Nelson NE, possibly with Boyd. Chad Johnston will talk with Boyd in regards to meeting with the board in Nelson NE, and get back to Tricia.


Tricia Schaffer submitted her bill for payment from the 2015 National Finals. Von Svoboda made a motion to approve, Chad Johnston seconded, motion carried.


New Business:


Tricia Schaffer brought up the 50/50 tickets. Sally Henderson has been doing a great job with the 50/50 tickets. Her son graduates this year. Nothing decided for who would take the 50/50 tickets next year.


Shawna Winchell declares the website was not changed back to the previous goat tying rule prior to the board meeting in Lexington NE in August 2014, as read in the 2013-14 NHSRA Student Directory. Tricia Schaffer supplied Tina Kessler with the directory of speaking to modify the website.


Shawna, Mike and Libby Winchell were present to state the fact Libby’s entries had not been posted on the pre-draw or in the Bloomfield NE and O’Neill NE draw. Tina Kessler explained the entries had not been received as of Thursday when the draw was completed in the ARTS Program upon the scheduled date, however if they were in the P.O. Box from the weekend with the correct post marking date, the entries would be accepted and treated as a misdraw, not a late entry. Further discussion was made of what had happened to the entries. Sonya Atkins left the meeting. Stacey Adamson made a motion to accept Libby Winchell’s entries if the post office verifies with a legal binding letter that the entries were mailed by closing date of the rodeos in question. Motion seconded by Eric Ravenscroft. Vote taken: Yes – 6, No – 5 Motion carried.


Stacey Adamson suggested maybe we need a new idea of a raffle other than students selling calendars.


A discussion regarding check-in for the Nebraska State Fair High School Rodeo to be no earlier than 2:30PM for all contestants.


Mark Wray made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Von Svoboda seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.