JULY 30, 2017 @ THEDFORD, NE


Directors present:  Jason Mathis, Chad Johnston, Mark Wray, Jim Buss, Brett McAbee, Stacey Adamson, Jared Storer, Michelle Witt, Eric Ravenscroft, National Director Tricia Schaffer and Secretary Brandi Pokorny.  Directors absent:  Jay Hollenbeck, Heather Day and Buddy Darnell.  Students present:  BJ McAbee, Talon Petska, Mitchell Tucker and Ty Bass.  Others present:  Kip Richardson and Doug Pokorny.


Jim made a motion to accept June meeting minutes.  2nd by Chad.  Motion carried.


Mark made a motion to accept Financial report.  2nd by Brett.  Motion carried.


There was much discussion on the current points system that we have in place.  Directors have been asked why the students can only bring in there 10 best rodeos.  Some would like to see the kids be able to use at least their best 15 rodeos.  Some would like to see it left alone, they feel it gives the kids that are injured a chance to get healed and still be able to compete and it gives parents an opportunity to make choices on where and when they travel.  Others feels most all kids are going to most of the rodeos anyway, so they feel the kids deserve to be able to use more of their points that they have earned throughout the season.  It was also brought up to cut down on the number of rodeos being offered.  The board came up with offering 3 options that the students can vote on.

                  Proposal to members:     1.  Keep the same as now

                                                                        2.  Count 15 rodeos instead of 10, rounds at state finals being worth 15

                                                                              points and average being worth 30 points.  This option slightly reduces

                                                                               the percentage of points awarded at state finals, but makes the average worth a

                                                                               little more than now.

                                                                        3.  Count 15 rodeos instead of 10, rounds at state finals being worth 20

                                                                              Points and average being worth 40 points.  This option makes state finals

                                                                               Count for the same percentage as it does now, but makes the average worth more.

Brandi will make up a ballot and have Tina post it on the website for members to print off and bring with them to Bassett.  Members will also have the opportunity to text or call Brandi with their ballot choice if they wonít be in Bassett.  Michelle Witt made a motion to have ballots made with these 3 options and see how the general membership votes.  2nd by Eric.  Motion carried.


Fall Banner List:                     Eric:                             Bassett

                                                      Jim:                             Bassett to Lexington

                                                      Brett:                           Lexington to Bloomfield

                                                      Jay:                              Bloomfield to OíNeill

                                                      Mark:                           OíNeill to Nelson

                                                      Michelle:                                     Nelson to Grand Island

                                                      Jared:                          Grand Island to Broken Bow

                                                      Stacey:                        Broken Bow to Callaway

                                                      Buddy:                         Callaway to North Platte

                                                      Tricia:                          North Platte to McCook

No Jerk Down rule will go into effect immediately.  Brandi will have it posted on the website.

                  No Jerk Down.  In the tie-down and ribbon roping events, a contestant will receive no time for that run if he brings the animal over backwards (between 10 and 2 on a standard clock) with the animal landing on his back or head with all four feet in the air.


It was brought to the board what the punishment will be for the student that got in trouble in Gillette during the National Finals for being in possession of alcohol.  Stacey made a motion to make the student sit out 3 rodeos, with the 2nd round of Nationalís counting as 1 of those rodeos.  2nd by Chad.  Motion carried.


The board discussed the duties of both the Association Secretary and Points Secretary.  The board would like to see both secretaries be able to have access to the website.  They asked Brandi to visit with Tina about being able to gain access to the website as well.  They also decided to review both secretary positions on a yearly basis in November at the banquet.  Stacey made a motion to accept both requests.  2nd by Michelle.  Motion carried.


Central Entry was also brought up for discussion.  The board feels that it should to be put up for bids every 2 years.  Michelle made a motion to put Central Entry up for bids October 1 and again every 2 years.  2nd by Mark.  Motion carried.


It was also brought to attention goats being tied down before rodeos.  The board feels the goat contractors need to have their stock prepared before the rodeo.


Chad made a motion to adjourn.  2nd by Mark.  Motion carried.