Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

 Board of Directors Conference Call

October 15, 2016



The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Board of Directors conference call was called to order by President, Jason Mathis.  Directors present include: Chad Johnston, Jay Hollenbeck, Terry Graff, Brett McAbee, Jim Buss, and Jared Storer.    

Directors absent Eric Ravenscroft, Mark Wray, Stacey Adamson, Buddy Darnell, and Scott Hollenbeck

National Director Tricia Schaffer.    Secretary Becky Dailey

Jana Jensen with Nebraska Community Foundation


Jana Jensen with the NE Community Foundation informed the board that Sandhills State Bank would like to give the Nebraska HS Rodeo Association Endowment Fund $50,000.  Sandhills State Bank will be a Platinum sponsor for the next 10 years.  Their gift will give until the end of time. 


Jim Buss moved that the association accept the generous gift of $50,000 and beginning in 2017 Sandhills State Bank will be a Platinum sponsor for 10 years, seconded by Terry Graff.  Motion carried.


The board would like to thank Jana Jensen for all of her work, along with Sandhills State Bank for the generous gift to the endowment fund.


Chad Johnston moved to adjourn, seconded by Jared Storer. 

Conference call ended.