Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

 Director & New Director Meeting

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Board of Directors was called to order by President, Jason Mathis.

 Directors present include:  Stacey Adamson, Mark Wray, Scott Hollenbeck, Jay Hollenbeck, Eric Ravenscroft, Buddy Darnell. New Directors present Jared Storer and Jim Buss

National Director Tricia Schaffer.   Secretary’s Becky Dailey and Tina Kessler.

Directors absent:  Chad Johnston, Terry Graff and Brett McAbee.


Buddy Darnell made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 27, 2016 meeting as submitted.  Mark Wray seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


The directors would like a Thank You put in the Hastings paper showing them how much the members, families and the association appreciates how much the Adams County Ag and the town of Hastings welcomes us during the week.  Becky will get the thank you to the paper.


The board discussed the Rodeo News, and will continue with the RN.  There was discussion on how to choose write-ups for the RN. 


The board discussed the calendar and raffle for fundraisers.  It was suggested to offer the raffle to new members after January 1.  The board will continue to have the calendar as there fundraiser and offer raffle to new members.

Stacey Adamson moved to make it an option to sell raffle tickets after January 1 to new members, seconded by Buddy

Darnell.  Motion passed.


Terry Graff moved to have reining cow horse as an optional event and have cutting as a mandatory event, seconded by Jay Hollenbeck.  Motion carried.


Terry Graff nominated Jason Mathis as president, Buddy Darnell moved nominations ceased.

President is Jason Mathis for 2016-2017


Terry Graff nominated Eric Ravenscroft as vice president, Tricia Schafer moved nominations ceased.

V-President is Eric Ravenscroft for 2016-2017


Event Directors

Jason Mathis            Goats                                                                             

Scott Hollenbeck       BB/SB

Jared Storer              Boys Cutting

Stacey Adamson       Girls Cutting

Mark Wray               Poles

Eric Ravenscroft       Breakaway

Terry Graff               Steer Wrestling

Brett McAbee           Bull Riding and Buzzer

Buddy Darnell           Team Roping – Box Pads

Jim Buss                   Team Roping – Box Pads

Jay Hollenbeck          Tie Down

Chad Johnston           Barrels






Banner Schedule  

Hastings          to          Bassett               is       Terry Graff

Bassett            to          Lexington           is        Eric Ravenscroft

Lexington         to          Bloomfield         is        Jim Buss

Bloomfield        to          O’Neill              is       Scott Hollenbeck

O’Neill             to          Nelson               is       Mark Wray

Nelson             to          Grand Island       is        Jason Mathis

Grand Island     to          Broken Bow       is       Jared Storer

Broken Bow     to          Callaway            is       Brett McAbee

Callaway          to          North Platte        is       Chad Johnston


Stacey Adamson moved to give the national team $900 travel money seconded by Buddy Darnell.  Motion carried.


Mark Wray moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Terry Graff.

Meeting adjourned.