The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held a director’s meeting Saturday, August 18, 2012 in Lexington.  


The meeting  was called to order and opened with a prayer. 

Board members present: were Ray Brown, Mark Cumpton, Patty Finney, Jess Harwager, Bump Kraeger, Greg Petska, Ken Real, KC Schaack, Cindy Vossler, Justin Welsh, Jeff White, Tricia Schaffer and Secretary, Becky Dailey.  Guests: Paul Cleveland and Barry Littell


It was moved to approve the minutes as submitted and seconded.  Motion passed.

The financial report was given. Motion was made for approval and seconded.  Motion passed


Tricia Schaffer informed the board of the income and expenses for the 2012 state finals awards.


Discussion was held on the job description posted on website for the point secretary/central entry secretary.  A motion was made to amend job description that the point secretary will need to make arrangements to get the final weekend of qualifying rodeo results to her by the Monday after and will be the point secretary at state finals.  Amendment passed.


Discussion was held to appoint/hire someone to the position as the state finals rodeo secretary. Approved, seconded, and   motion passed.


Discussion was held on wage for the point secretary and central entry position.  It was suggested having a six month probation period with review.


It was moved that all turn outs are considered a run animal and the animal does not need to be tied or thrown.  Seconded and motion carried.

Discussion was held on members being safe outside the arena.


It was suggested to leave calendar incentives as they are. Seconded and motion passed.


Discussion was held on the upcoming winter banquet. 

        *A director will be working on having a few NFR qualifiers attend the banquet and have

          a “Meet and Greet” for the members. 

        *The theater and Big Apple in Kearney was contacted, and they will offer a discount to

          members with their back numbers on. 


It was moved banquet ticket price remain the same at $75.00 per couple and that additional meal tickets for members and younger siblings may be purchased for $20.00 with the purchase of a $75 ticket.  Rodeo attire and back numbers is required for members. This was seconded and motion carried.  Motion was amended to assign seating for student members.  Board would like to see members have dinner and visit with sponsors attending.



Cindy Vossler will remain as pole director.


Tricia Schaffer presented her receipts from nationals. It was moved to reimburse Tricia Schaffer for national expenses, and seconded.  Motion carried.


It was moved to adjourn meeting, and seconded. Meeting adjourned.