Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Board of Directors Meeting

April 27, 2013  -  McCook NE

The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President,

Jim Wakefield. Directors present include:  Greg Petska, Mark Cumpton, Patty Finney, Jess Harwager, Ken

Real, KC Schaack, Cindy Vossler, Justin Welsh, Jeff White, National Director Tricia Schaffer, Directors absent:

Bump Kraeger and Ray Brown.

Cindy Vossler made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 3 meeting as presented. Justin Welsh

seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The "Banner Schedule" for the spring rodeos was filled out.

State Finals Program Book  Last year the students at the state finals were not charged for their first state

finals program book. Students will not be charged this year for their first program book. Additional copies

will be priced at $5 each.

State Finals Rodeo Secretary Jess Harwager made the motion to hire Nancy Edelman for the position of

"Rodeo Secretary" for the state finals. Seconded by Greg Petska. Motioned carried.

The "Central Entry" procedure seems to be well received by students and local rodeo secretaries.

The current list of "State Sponsors" was handed out to the directors. There are several donors that have not

responded and directors are encouraged to follow up with those.

The calendar report was presented and shows a year-end balace of $52,994.99. Forty-five members met

the January 1 incentive and 9 members earned cash scholarships totaling $3,825. Discussion was held on

dropping the split payment of the drawings between the ticket holder and student salesman and to cut our

drawings in half and pay only the ticket holder.

It was announced we have a new scholarship in memory of Dan Foree.

The next meeting will be held in Stapleton, May 31, after the rodeo.

KC Schaack made the motion to adjourn. Seconded by Mark Cumpton.