***Southwest-McCook HSR, April 25th/26th, Hyannis HSR May 2nd, and Arthur HSR May 3rd, 2020 have been Cancelled***

Early Cuttings have been postponed.  Please see schedules page.


Dear Student athletes and parents,
NHSRA board of Directors had a conference call tonight(April 1) to discuss the current Covid 19 situation.  With the Governor issuing a Directed Health Measure(DHM) for numerous counties in Nebraska, the early cuttings will be postponed until further notice.  McCook High School Rodeo, Hyannis High School Rodeo and Arthur High School Rodeos have been canceled.  The board will have another conference call on April 15 to discuss the rest of the season. New information is emerging daily and we will not take those decisions lightly. We realize there will be disappointed contestants and families when the decisions are made.  We would suggest entering per published guidelines and closing dates and be assured refunds will be made if plans have to be changed due to this rapidly evolving situation.

1st Semester Grade Transcripts need to be uploaded to your National Portal before you can enter Spring Rodeos.  Check the list to make sure your name is marked off.

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