If anyone is interested in placing a "Congrats Ad" in the State Finals Program Book, please fill out the form and mail with payment to Brandi Pokorny by May 1.  All information is on the form!

Some members still have not turned in their mandatory fundraising fee.  If Brandi does not receive your fundraising fee by March 1, you will then owe a $50 late fee on top of the $300 for a total of $350.  If Brandi does not receive the $350 by April 1, you are ineligible to rodeo this spring.  Please check the list to see if Brandi has received your fee.

1st Semester Grade Reports are due ASAP.  They are to be UPLOADED to your National Profile.  DO NOT EMAIL OR MAIL THEM TO BRANDI!!!  You cannot enter spring rodeos until these are uploaded.  Please note:  2nd Semester is not over yet, which is why no names have a "X" by them in that column.  2nd Semester grades are due before State Finals.

Below, find the Covid-19 guidelines for the rodeo grounds at the upcoming qualifying rodeos.


Please see the "Members" tab for instructions on how to renew your membership and/or become a new member!!!

Please show your appreciation to our sponsors!  I'm sure they would appreciate hearing from our members!  I have included addresses in the link below if you would like to send them a thank you!

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