For all girls interested in being the 2013-14 Miss Nebraska High School Rodeo,


If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I would absolutely love being Miss Nebraska High School Rodeo, I would have told them it would never happen…but it has and I hope that during the 2013 Nebraska High School Rodeo State Finals we can find another young lady to love her job.


In the last seven months I have had some wonderful experiences, made many new friends and I’ve learned a lot about myself. The State and National Queen Contest provided me with a huge opportunity to grow and learn valuable skills. One of the most difficult parts of the contest is the personal interview, but it is probably my favorite and I now feel very confident in most interview situations. In addition to the skills I’ve gained, I’ve also gathered some wonderful new friends. Most of all I have realized that I love being queen and I always proudly wear my crown and banner when representing Nebraska High School Rodeo. I get a positive and frankly, ego boosting response everywhere I go…trust me, this opportunity opens a lot of doors.


Here is a list of different events and activities that I have participated in since I was crowned in June 2012:

                  Nebraska High School Rodeo State Finals

                  National High School Finals Rodeo, Rock Springs, WY

                  National High School Rodeo Queen Contest, Rock Springs, WY

                  Various PRCA Rodeos (I carried the American flag and signed autographs)

                  Appearance, autograph signing with 2012 Miss Rodeo America Mackenzie Carr

                  County Fair Events

                  Nebraska State Fair

                  Husker Harvest Days

                  River City Rodeo, Omaha, NE

                  Autograph signing at River City Rodeo with all the top PRCA/WPRA cowboys and cowgirls

                  Miss Rodeo AKSARBEN Pageant (I modeled and gave a speech)

                  Challenge Rodeos for Disabled Children

                  Christmas Activities at Museums


                  Miss Rodeo Nebraska Coronation

                  All of the Fall 2012 Nebraska High School Rodeos (I carried the American flag)

                  National High School Rodeo Association Mid-Year Meetings and Banquet, Ft. Worth, TX


There are several more activities that I plan to attend in addition to the 2013 Spring High School Rodeos. These are just an example of the opportunities that are available and if it is possible I would encourage the new queen to attend them also. My favorites have been the Challenge Rodeos, River City Rodeo and the trip to Ft. Worth. If you would like to hear more please give me a call or catch me at a rodeo so I can give you some great details. (Hint: I’ve gotten to meet with the Cooper brothers, the Wright brothers, and many others on more than one occasion.)


So, now you’re thinking, wow I would like to try this…well let me tell you that while it is fun, it is also a lot of work. The position of queen is basically the face of High School Rodeo. Where ever you go in your queen “gear” you draw attention, so it is important that you take the position seriously and be willing to make a few sacrifices. If you don’t like being dressed up and on display then this probably isn’t the job for you. Speaking of dressed up, many girls have questions about the wardrobe requirements. While the dress code for queens is still pretty strict, the actual clothes that we wear is trending more towards blue jeans, long sleeve shirts and vests or jackets. Things you may already have in your wardrobe or definitely things you can wear when you are not queen. The “all-matching-colored-outfits” are still popular and mostly the norm at the contests, but you can definitely relax and create your own special outfits when you are attending events. If you want an idea of what we are wearing, please check out my Facebook page!


As we get closer to the Spring rodeo season, there will be more information about meetings and requirements for the queen contest at State Finals. In the meantime, if you and your family would like to visit with me or my mom about being queen, we would love to visit with you. Please give us a call, e-mail or message on Facebook. I hope that there are several girls out there that are willing to give it a try and I look forward to working with each of you.




Kayellyn Hall

Miss Nebraska High School Rodeo 2012-13


Kayellyn Hall                                                                                                   Krisa Hall

(308) 672-7012                                                                                               (308) 631-4191