Calendar Sales

Sell as many as you can!

Win big PRIZES and CASH!


Jordan Dassinger & Isabelle Ritz


November 1st Calendar Incentive Winners!!

If you need calendars, contact Becky or an adult director.

Also, those who purchase calendars have the chance to win money weekly!  Turn in your calendar tickets as soon as possible to be eligible for prize drawings!

Thanks to all who purchase calendars!



Important Letter to Contestants

IMPORTANT INFORMATION!:  Student members must sell a minimum of 10 calendars by March 1st to be able to compete. Calendars not turned in by this deadline will result in a $60 fine on top of the $200.  This is the main fundraiser for our association.






ANYONE INTERESTED in purchasing a $20.00 calendar can contact any NHSRA member or
Becky Dailey
PO Box 10
Arnold, NE  69120
Home Phone:  308-848-3204



Incentive Winners & Calendar Leaders